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yoga on We Heart It.

Heart Core Yoga | via Facebook on We Heart It.

I can cry during the workout, and no one notices because it mixes with the sweat.

Jo Piazza says exercise is the best rehab after a bad breakup! Her book is LOVE REHAB

Also, I think it’s cute her last name looks like pizza. 



This routine is HARD. I’m not a flexible (or balanced) person to begin with, but I’m sweating BULLETS after this, and it’s not even 10 minutes! It also taught me I can actually get into a bridge fro downward dog. I thought I wasn’t felxible enough :D


so much appreciation for that pose. 

(via spikesandstones)


How to train for the splits=)

gonna redo this soon with proper light, makeup & warming up, so sorry for the quality;)

(As requested by http://vhappy-vhealthy.tumblr.com/ =)