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The rocks made it reaaaally hard to get my legs straight! But I love the angles it created ~ #natarajasana #dancerpose #yoga #flexible #beachyoga #beach #socal #sanclemente


One of the many peaceful locations we found this weekend.

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She looks like a statue!


i cant believe!! i finally see such a progress in my body after five months of yoga, i thought i would never be able to do this :)

my instagram is yoga_by_vanda:)

Objects in picture may take longer than 5 months of yoga.


2013 Women’s Int’l Champion ChauKei Ngai

I dont know if I’m more amazed by the stretch of the woman or the stretch of the jeans. 

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Here I am, doing Dancer Pose at Sangha.  I learned this variation from one of my very favorite yogis, the inspirational Toa Porchon-Lynch.  Next time you are in Dancer, see if you can pull your extended foot a tiny bit closer to nestle in the crook of your elbow.  Then wrap your extended arm up and around your head, grab hold of the hand of your bend arm, and voila!

Photo by Danielle Top

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