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#aprilintentions day 17

wild thing - hosted by me!

this, to me, is one of the most beautiful poses and is so perfectly named. i hope you all feel wild and beautiful when you do it, because that’s how i feel every time. there are many different ways to get into wild thing and i will be posting two .gif images demonstrating how i flow into this pose from high side plank and from downward facing dog! so look for each of those for a detailed description of how to get into them as well as a visual aid. 

things to remember:

  • keep your weight in your planted hand and foot - they should be opposite (right hand and left foot or vice versa). keep the other arm and leg light and stretch them.
  • remember this is a heart opener, and it also stretches your arms, shoulders, and quadriceps! 
  • breathe deeply throughout and don’t be afraid to shift your weight around and play.
  • to get out of this pose, plant your reaching hand and then adjust your feet to come into full wheel pose, then you can lower down gently.

for modifications: if full wheel pose isn’t a part of your regular practice, i would recommend working on that today! this pose is a deep back bend but also requires the strength of a solid wheel pose.

happy thursday, you wild things! <3


Hear me roar? #yogawithalice


Side Crow

-Place your feet together- bend your knees a LOT until your hands reach the mat. Tuck your tailbone in. Feel out this position first.

-With knees VERY bent- begin to twist your body to the left. Keep your toes and feet pointing forward. Only your upper body should twist.

-Place your right arm up and twist it so much that your elbow is pressed against your left outer-thigh. Now place both hands on the ground after completing this action. So- feet and knees will be pointing forward, fingertips will be pointing to the left. The base of your hand should be about 6 inches from your foot.

Now- begin to bend your elbows as if youre coming into in chaturanga. Begin to lean your left knee onto your right elbow. Once you feel STRONG and balanced, lift up the right foot- then, lift up the left foot!

Once youre up, begin to straighten your legs!! Stay strong. And eventually- both legs and arms will be up and straight. !

Keep practicing.


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Day 240 of my 365 handstand : I don’t know darkness

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Eka pada rajakapotasana

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